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Open Floor Meditation Cycle

  • Ivy Arts Building 2637 27th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55406 United States (map)
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If you're looking for a strong container to explore body and breath...
If you're ready to expand your meditation practice to include both movement & sitting...
If you prefer a less facilitated conscious dance space...

JOIN ME for the monthly Open Floor Meditation Cycle!

WHEN: 1st Thursday of each month, 6:30-8:30pm

WHERE: The Open Space / Mindful Motion Tai Chi - Suite 207 (located within the Ivy Arts Building)

WHAT: For centuries people have used meditation as a means to move beyond the chatter of the mind and access the still, quiet voice within. It is a practice of Being that allows for a sense of spaciousness and freedom, as well as fortitude and inner strength to meet whatever arises with greater ease.

In the Open Floor Meditation Cycle we follow a simple structure: we sit - walk - dance through 2 cycles that are minimally facilitated (to mark points of transition). These dance opportunities are your time to draw your attention inward, be with your breath, and open your attention to the movement that is alive in your dance and your stillness.

To create opportunities and accessibility, these sessions are offered on a sliding scale. Please contribute at the highest level you are able, which supports the attendance of those needing to pay less.

6:30-6:45pm - Arrival and Warm Up
Quietly sign yourself in - pay what you can - choose a place in the circle for your cushion or blanket - stretch, move, arrive into the space and into your body.
6:45-8:25pm - Alternating sitting, walking, and moving meditation
Transitions cued with light facilitation and/or bells.
8:25-8:30pm - Closing

*Bring a blanket or cushion for the sitting portions of our meditation - a few chairs are available, if desired.
*Arrive quietly into the space - if breaks are needed, use the walking or moving portion of the cycle to enter/leave the space.
*We hold diversity to be inherently of value, and invite adults and youth (16+), of all races, ethnicities, physical abilities, spiritualities, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, all along the gender spectrum, to build community with us. No experience needed. I only ask you come in a good way, with an open mind/heart.
*Bring a water bottle, clean indoor dance shoes or your bare feet, and layers of clothing to accommodate both movement and stillness. Please be cognizant of personal hygiene and avoid strong odors - synthetic and/or "natural". This includes body odor as well as perfume, hairspray, lotions, etc. that are strongly scented.
*This is a drug-free, alcohol-free, and cell-phone free space.