3 Individualized Open Floor Sessions


3 Individualized Open Floor Sessions


(Movement based)

Personalized movement sessions based on the 10 Core Movement Resources of the Open Floor, including the four levels of embodiment and the four realms of relationship. An incredible opportunity if you love to move or are looking for deeper awareness, comfort, and resource in your body. 

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The Open Floor is a conscious dance practice consisting of 10 Core Movement Resources. Depending on where you are in your life and where you would like to go, we turn to these resources to integrate and embody what it is already showing up in your life. Perhaps you want to feel more comfortable in your body. Perhaps you want to empower your self-expression and creativity. Perhaps you are deepening your sense of awareness and conscious choice. ALL of this (and more!) can be accessed through the body, through these resources.

Three 90-minute sessions for $300 includes a 30-minute introductory call/session and 1 FREE pass for any weekly drop-in class.

Working one-on-one with Teresa Reid, after having experienced her meditative dance sessions for several months, has been even more engaging, enlightening, and enlivening than I hoped for. 

As an actor, I attach a lot of importance to listening. It’s central to being fully present and real within imaginary circumstances. Teresa, though not an actor herself, is a keen listener. She seems to listen with her whole being. One-on-one, she is all the more able, by her example and with her calming presence, to help me listen, and otherwise sense, what’s happening just below my normal chattering level of consciousness.

That bodily sense of things was not something I was all that alive to or very cognizant of before I started doing meditative dance last year. With all her knowledge and experience of various somatic practices, and with what seems her natural emotional intelligence, Teresa has helped me feel more rested and awake.

It’s always collaborative. Often I come away with something of the feeling I get when I’ve written a satisfying draft of a poem. I feel larger, both freer and more grounded, more at home in my body and the truth it can hold about how I move through the world. I can’t recommend her enough.
— PD, Minneapolis