Unlike other coaching modalities that value analysis, problem solving, and goals that are set from the outside in, Soul-based Coaching attunes to an individual's inner wisdom, honoring their innate visions, feelings and desires as the key to transformation and change.

That which we long for is who we already are!

Informed by the work of David Grove (Clean Coaching), Penny Tompkins and James Lawley (Symbolic Modeling), Soul-based coaching guides client's toward their desired outcomes by enlivening inner landscapes of image, texture, color and metaphor. Instead of motivating, encouraging, or challenging clients, coaches hold space for the layers and complexities of the inner realm to arise, reflecting back with gentleness and steady ground, anchoring again and again in the creative wellspring of each client.

I’ve experienced several Soul-based Coaching sessions with Teresa, all of which impacted me deeply. She provided powerful witnessing and skillful guidance to support the unfolding of inner visions which came forward with remarkable vividness and were deeply felt. Each vision has enriched me, deepened my sense of meaning, and helped me come closer to what my heart aches for, what I’m enlivened by, and how I want to experience love. They reaffirmed both the aliveness of my inner world and an understanding that it’s voice is always present to offer gifts...IF I am willing to listen.
— James - Minneapolis, MN

Soul-based Coaching may be for you if:

  • You are ready to clarify, listen to, and embody your inner knowing.

  • You are ready to invite ease into your life rather than push to produce outcomes.

  • You are ready to empower your dreams and let go of habits that hold you back.

  • You are ready to experience lasting change that unfolds from deep within.

  • You are ready to witness the Great Mystery, as it flows in and through your own life.



One, 60-minute session. 



Three, 60-minute sessions



Five, 60-minute sessions

*Please note that although these sessions are an opportunity for deep inner work, they are in no way therapy, nor should they be a replacement for therapy. This is a supportive environment where participants are witnessed ~ listening and holding space is offered, rather than advice. Should issues arise beyond the scope of the session, it is the responsibility of each participant to seek out the support needed.

Why is "Clean" so powerful?

Developed by psychologist David Grove, Clean Coaching uses a set of questions, along with a person's own words, to direct attention toward their own experience. By staying close in and reflecting back, bias on the part of the coach is greatly reduced, leading to interesting new insights and possibilities that are congruent with each client. When paired with the power of metaphor, innate obstacles and limiting behaviors can be integrated and worked with (rather than worked against), leaving space for desired outcomes to be amplified and in ways that are deeply felt and accessible.

Since becoming a Certified Soul-based Coach in 2017, I have witnessed the mythic quality of metaphor countless times. It never ceases to amaze me how potent and reflective active imagination and metaphor can be - how mysteriously and with such congruence they can come to life for each individual.

The more each client and I follow the thread of movement within - the more we ground in the innate wisdom that unwinds and creates on it's own accord - the greater capacity we have to believe and dream.

Obstacles may arise, and yet the never ending pulse of one's desired outcome continues to swell and emerge. This is what we follow, what we return to, what we are guided by, and from there...transformation flows.  

It would be an honor and joy to share this journey with you! 
Love, Teresa


"Teresa anchors this work with such love. The coaching isn't about another person sharing the keys of happiness with you - Teresa is a guide who's wise to the ways of uncovering new paths in the wilds of our inner world.  She'll help you find those paths for yourself and support you with powerful, compassionate presence whether what you find involves beautiful epiphanies, aching vulnerabilities, or whatever else your spirit beckons you to know more closely. Deciding to work with Teresa is a gift of love to yourself that I don't hesitate to recommend!"
- AJ, Minneapolis