What Is Dancing Freedom?

Created by Samantha Sweetwater and cultivated by communities across the globe, Dancing Freedom is a transformative movement practice that embraces the totality of Who We Are and invites us to fully engage our life and our living, one moment, one step, one breath at a time. 

Ecstatic, somatic and shamanic in nature, Dancing Freedom engages and activates the innate intelligence of our bodies for healing, self expression and a return to wholeness. We layer dance, music and breath with intent and a co-creative partnership with the elemental field to create experiences that are inspiring, empowering and invite your wholehearted participation with life. 

We Dance to Meditate.

Dancing Freedom is a pathway, a journey of paying attention and waking up! By inviting mindfulness into our practice and centering IN the body, we cultivate deep levels of presence and awareness both in the dance and in our lives! The movement softens and opens us to a direct experience of wholeness in Body/Mind/Soul/Spirit, offering a palpable sense of the power and grace of both movement and stillness. The practice is the foundation, the form through which we access the body and enter the gateway of inner knowing and wisdom.

Image by Rolf Gibbs

Image by Rolf Gibbs

We Dance to Heal.

Movement nourishes, reveals, and heals. Together we create spaces through which consciousness can deepen and grow. Within each 2-hour class we layer somatic, ecstatic, expressive and shamanic principles along with the medicine of music, mindfulness and conscious communication to create rich, ceremonial fields for exploration, self-realization and healing.

To learn what you may experience in a typical Dancing Freedom class, click here.

We Dance to Liberate.

Free your body, free your life! When we stop thinking about “how to” dance and instead open our hearts and bodies to the dance as it moves through us, we free ourselves from limitations, habitual patterns and beliefs. Through consistent practice we open to new ways of being in our body and increase our capacity to move and respond from a place that is anchored in the present moment, empowered by choice!

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We Dance to Co-Create.

Through integrative body based practices we invite all aspects of our Being to participate in the creation of our lives. We invite our allies and guides, and the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, to inform our movement, weaving fields that are alive, informative, and creative. Through intention and moving prayers we recognize our interconnection to all things and create spaces in support of our individual and collective journeys! More than simply a practice, Dancing Freedom is a global community that awakens the extraordinary potential of the human spirit and invites us to consciously evolve…together! 

At the intersection of WE and ME is a new kind of human. We are learning to be truly powerful as individuals while opening ourselves and expanding our ego structures to embody the motion of collectivity. We experience freedom in co-creation. In community, we come more alive.
— Samantha Sweetwater