SomaYoga is a blend of somatic movement and classic asana - a class intended to encourage functional and free movement. Overuse, strain, trauma or injury can cause parts of our body (and mind) to go unconscious. By applying somatic awareness to our practice, we strengthen the mind/body connection and re-educate neuromuscular pathways to support improved alignment and range of motion. Combining the inherent brilliance of the body with nourishing yoga techniques and attention to breath creates a deeply rich, empowering and healing practice. 

Twice monthly - Saturday evenings - 5:30-6:30pm
Tula Yoga & Wellness, St. Paul MN

*see calendar for most up-to-date scheduling

Yoga Nidra

Otherwise known as “Yoga Sleep”, Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that calms the mind and returns the body to a state of well being while opening the subconscious to a heartfelt Sankalpa (intention). The practice can be offered at the end of a yoga class when the mind is receptive or on its own in a typical 30-minute class done lying down in Savasana. We begin with the invitation of gratitude and a positive affirmation/Sankalpa followed by a systemic relaxation of the body through guided imagery and body scan. A deeply renewing, life affirming practice! 

*Available upon request