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Body of Art

Transcendence  by Lulu Bea

Transcendence by Lulu Bea

Do you feel called to LIVE your life as ART? To express yourself from a place that is authentic, creative and inspired? Are you ready to revel in your essence, live your purpose and bring your dreams to life

Creation is a living process in which YOU are a vital part! You make the choices that shape the canvas of your life in the same way the artist chooses paint colors, and the dancer chooses the steps. The process ((can)) be messy. Sometimes you will make choices that seem like mistakes, but overtime, you may come to realize how this shaping and reshaping, again and again, strengthens your ability to trust in and allow the creative process to unfold. 

Intuitive painting and free form movement are two potent practices that uncover the deepest and truest desires of our heart, and brings them into form! Join us for an afternoon of playful exploration as we tap into and access our curiosity, experience the brilliance of our imagination and the joy of self-expression, and move and include the creative forces that shape our lives!

What is included:
* Two paint sessions where Lulu Bea will guide us through the intuitive painting process, including how to build depth, dimension & texture on your canvas.
* One 16x20 canvas to paint on & take home.
* Two dance sessions where Teresa will gently guide us toward experiences of greater self-expression and trust - in our bodies and our movement - opening to living our unique creative process.
* Snacks & tea.

This is for you if:
* You want to have fun and gain more confidence being in & moving your body.
* You are looking for a playful opportunity to connect with yourself and the creative process.
* You are looking for a new way of expressing yourself with paint. A way that accepts you and your skill level where you are at right now, at this moment in time.
* You want to strengthen your connection to your inner knowing and intuition.

When: Feb 13, 2016 ~ 12-6pm

Where: Tula Yoga & Wellness - 99 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104

Investment: $50/$75 (without/with supplies) by January 30th ~ $75/$100 thereafter

Suggested Supplies: Acrylic Paint (Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, White and other colors that you like), 6 1-inch foam paint brushes, 2-3 paint brushes in varying sizes, paint rags, paint palette, water container to clean brushes.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! Due to popular demand, we WILL be offering this work again here in the Twin Cities...and beyond! Stay tuned!

Meet your guides:

Lulu Bea is an Intuitive Painter and a Life Igniter. She helps women to awaken to their true potential through the art of creative expression. She believes that we are all innate creators who hold the power to craft a life that we truly love and adore. Through the exploration of art, Lulu guides women to mindfully let go of limiting beliefs & behavior patterns in order to live a courageous, fun, and fulfilling IGNITED life. To learn more about Lulu Bea and her work, visit:

Teresa Reid is a Dancing Freedom Facilitator and Open Floor Teacher-in-Training devoted to the wisdom of the body and the power of movement to awaken and liberate. Her vision is to empower individuals and communities to realize their full potential and co-creative capacities through integrated movement practices that anchor IN the body - IN our lives.




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