7:00 PM19:00

Dancing Freedom

Dancing Freedom engages and activates the innate intelligence of our bodies for healing, self expression and a return to wholeness. We layer dance, music and breath with intent and ritual to create a mindful experience that is inspiring, empowering and invites your wholehearted participation with life. 

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6:30 PM18:30

Open Floor Meditation Cycle

Minimally facilitated Open Floor Meditation Cycle with 2 cycles of sitting, walking and dancing as meditation. These dance opportunities are your time to draw your attention inward, be with your breath, and open your attention to the movement that is alive in your dance and your stillness.

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to May 13

Midday Musings @ Minnehaha Falls

  • Minnehaha Regional Park (map)
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One of the most compelling ways to connect and commune with the land we call home is to establish a relationship with the landscape. To slow down and tune into one place…listening, witnessing, and opening to the luminous points where currents intertwine and life emerges. 

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to May 20

Stand Tall - Awakened Self: Soul Motion with Camilla Steen Larsen

Spring is a time of regeneration, new beginnings and a renewal of spirit. In this Soul Motion workshop we follow our life force energy - our inner fire - to uncover what has become hidden from view.  While curiously listening to what is present, we dance to awaken - to shake off what is no longer needed - to ignite what is ready to grow. 

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to Jul 29

Spread your Wings: 5Rhythms with Alex Svoboda

Many of us seek lightness and freedom, but struggle to access the joy that is readily available amidst the varied experiences of our lives. Through the 5rhythms movement practice and the rhythm of lyrical, we can access ways of being that are free of effort and striving. Spread your wings and let their strength carry you ~ open to discovering ways of appreciating joy ~ dance in the direction of your hopes, wishes and dreams! 

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to May 23

Open Floor

The Open Floor is a healing movement practice that invites us to move and include the fullness of our experience while discovering what it means, in our own bodies, to live an embodied life.

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3:00 PM15:00

Winter Solstice - Rest & Reflect with Conscious Movement & Sitting Meditation

Winter Solstice is a rich contemplative time of year - a time to rest in the silence of the season and connect with our inner light and wisdom. Together we weave the power of conscious dance and sitting meditation - deepening awareness in both movement and stillness - to settle our systems, listen with conscious intent and ignite our inner flame. 

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to Aug 21

Body of Innocence with Peter Yanz

In this Open Floor workshop, we will come back to a place of innocence and curiosity, playfulness and connection. We will reconnect with the beauty and pleasure of the senses and from there begin to move into the simple joy of connecting with others without story or agenda. 

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to Dec 20

Moon Rising

Moon Rising is a sacred space for women to come together as mothers, sisters, friends ~ to rest in What Is without need to fix or mend, strive or plan. We listen. We move. We pay attention to what shows up in the body...together...revealing and witnessing what we cannot reveal alone.

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