Nourishing Soul on the Dance Floor

Soul demands our full participation with ALL of Life...initiates through beauty AND pain...traverses the glorious, messy, wild and difficult...sometimes all within one dance. If we can stay with our present tense experience and offer our breath, gesture, and sound to the landscape emerging, we can weave each thread of our experience into the great tapestry of wholeness. Soul longs for this...for wholeness, not perfection.

The Dance of Surrender

The practice of surrender may seem simple on the surface, yet for me it's one of the more challenging aspects of life. Whether I’m cultivating a dream, or persistently and diligently tending something I am passionate about, the more invested and close to my heart the endeavor, the more attached I seem to be.

The Third Body

Whether through dance or singing, writing or drawing...within ritual and the deep wild of nature or life itself...the 3rd body yearns to be sensed and experienced. At any moment...between, around and wants to be brought to Life. To be cultivated through friendship and time. To be known.