I learned and received more than I thought was possible through your movement and gestures. Wow! You offered such a rich space for us to move in. Delicious. Spacious. Grateful!
— Kari - Minneapolis, MN
Your dances reach down into my soul and help me connect in a loving way with myself. The facilitation you provide is key for me. You are a Guide that leads me into the beautiful parts of myself. Thank you for all that you do and are!”
— Martha - St. Paul, MN
As an actor, I attach a lot of importance to listening. It’s central to being fully present and real within imaginary circumstances. Teresa, though not an actor herself, is a keen listener. She seems to listen with her whole being. One-on-one, she is all the more able, by her example and with her calming presence, to help me listen, and otherwise sense, what’s happening just below my normal chattering level of consciousness.
— Peter - Minneapolis, MN
“Teresa is one of the best around. She’s a master at creating and holding space. An evening with her feels like a journey with my most authentic self.” -
— Nicola - Minneapolis, MN
Teresa has the ability to hold a room of people and make them each feel seen and cared for while being given a safe space to self-explore and push one’s own boundaries. She has a natural grace and beauty that inspires others to move more freely and loosen the inhibitions that can bind us in more ways than one. She has an innate ability to set a tone and speak to what is going on in the space while also allowing for anything to unfold. While guiding and holding each participant, she herself is a participant along with every one else. She inspires and nurtures with her presence. Teresa has a very generous Spirit and is a natural born healer.
— Maria - St Paul, MN
Teresa brings such a loving presence to her work. The sense of safety and trust I experience in her groups makes it easy for me to explore how my body feels. I love the sense of connection with others that develops.
— Annette, LGSW, R-DMT - Minneapolis, MN
I cannot share enough how moving these experiences have been. Your mindful generosity and openness to me and my experience has really filled me up and inspired me. I am so grateful.
— Hanna - Wisconsin
In her own expression of dancing freedom, Teresa weaves an amazing container of celebration, expression, and acceptance for all who are willing to step in and open up. I was taken into places of deep remembering in my body through the guidance of this sweet sister. Through gentle nudges and complete allowance I was taken to a place of surrender that my whole being had been hungry for. I believe our dance and our song is the best medicine we have, we just need a little help remembering. Thank you Teresa for your knowing and your ability to hold us in such a safe and gentle way! I left feeling energized and uplifted. Thank you - so much - for being the love that let’s our true beingness shine through!
— Crystal - Rochester, MN
Thank you for so openly and warmly welcoming me to your class today. I have never felt the space to be so comfortably myself without worrying about judgment - I am extremely grateful for that.
— Melanie - St. Paul, MN
Dancing Freedom with Teresa Reid is my favorite so far for spiritual practice, community building, creative expression, and personal healing dance experiences!
— Kathleen - St Croix, WI
Individual sessions with Teresa aren’t therapy but I find them very therapeutic. ‘Soul-based coaching’ just about captures it, even if, like me, you are not religious, or even a believer in the soul per se.

It’s a practice, like doing art. Poetry has been my primary art, my quasi-religious practice since my teenage years. Often with Teresa I come away with something of the feeling I get when I’ve written a satisfying draft of a poem. I feel larger, both freer and more grounded, more at home in my body and the truth it can hold about how I move through the world.

That bodily sense of things was not something I was all that alive to or very cognizant of before I started doing meditative dance last year. With all her knowledge and experience of various somatic practices, and with what seems her natural emotional intelligence, Teresa has helped me feel more rested and awake. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Peter - Minneapolis, MN
Teresa is meant to lead dance...it is her gift! When you are graced by someone who is living and sharing their gift, it not only offers the experience but the embodiment of spirit merged with human in alchemical co-creation and Joy! Come experience Teresa not only for the movement and community, but the gift of presence in yourself and through her demonstration. She is truly a master!
— David - St Paul, MN