The Dance as Practice

The Dance is my primary practice - the ground I return to, again and again, with consciousness and intention, deliberately turning toward my experience - just as it is - with an open mind, curious attention, and a willingness to engage both the known and the unknown. It is a conversation that is both creative and structured. Disciplined yet open to change. It is the most nourishing and supportive resource I have found for fully inhabiting my life and uniquely expressing myself through it. 


"A Practice is a repeated activity
for the betterment of oneself
and others."

-Kathy Altman
Open Floor Founding Member

I find great truth in these words, for each time I turn toward the dance not simply for dance sake, but as a practice, I am artfully training my body, mind, emotions, and soul to open more fully to the nature of all become aware, receptive, and ultimately inhabit my life.  And all of this matters. Each small turning toward, each honest engagement, each choice to move and include consciously has an impact. 

The effect ripples outward. So whether you're establishing a practice for the first time or sustaining something you've explored for years...whether you practice in solitude or community...
find yourself on a yoga mat, dance floor, or immersed in nature:

*Find your way. Ease into what brings you the most joy. 
*If you fall off track, don't give up. Be gentle with yourself and simply start again. 
*Honor where you are in your life. Allow your practice to shift and change. 

Choosing a daily practice is a unique exploration for each of us, but whatever method or way we commit to will include a measure of artful training to gently and tenderly shift our perspective from "there" to "here"...from without to within. If you're interested or would like to learn more about dance as a personal practice, reach out, join a class, or consider exploring a 1:1 session with me!