“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” 
– John Maxwell

I have such a strong sense that life is asking to be felt. Really felt. That our willingness to feel everything brings a possibility of healing and change. Reconciliation and right action. It's easy to turn away from what feels hard but in the end it is only a sensation, and our avoidance a cage. 

It is our fear of feeling the truth - of that which lies beneath the surface - that often interferes with our movement practice. We each have maneuvers and tactics that reinforce our patterns, keep us frozen in fear, separate us from our true nature. What would it look like to lean in, gently, to those vacillate between the surface and the depths? What would it look like to take this practice off the dance floor and into our lives? Our fear of feeling the truth of what we are doing to this planet and one another has kept us from feeling we can do anything about it, yet gratefully that is beginning to change. If we are unable to face the scale of our grief, disconnection, and separation from nature we will be deeply cut off from the truth. Yet, if we are willing to face what is here, along with the colossal grief that may come along with it, there is hope for reconciliation. For change. For a new way.

This is INTO-ME-SEE. This is something that we are wired to feel what is, to let the feelings move through consciously, to allow our presence to bless each hurt, and to listen to our hearts in their response. This is the call of NOW. If we don't face and feel, nothing will change and we will fall off the cliff that we are creating with our eyes WIDE open. 

So let us come dance, to sing, to engage stand tall TOGETHER. Everything feels easier to bare when we are not alone. Standing as one of many, we are stronger. We can bow to what is asking to be felt while making space for it to move through us and out, through us and out, allowing our presence to bless each hurt while our hearts create their response.

If you would like to explore this theme, join us for our next session of Re.membering our Relations as we invite the Sense-body to receive - connect - and respond to the nature of our lives, just as they are in this moment. 

With love, Teresa