A New Year - A New Way

As 2018 begins in this winter season, I can feel the pull of two distinct directions. One aligns with the natural rhythms of the season. It beckons me to honor the slow down and move inward in order to receive the blessings of the earthly dark. The other guides me outward, walking single file toward a new year's resolution that demands I take action NOW!

The Call for a Vision - Part 2

Whether you're seeking greater clarity regarding life purpose and meaning, undergoing the transformative cycle of a major life transition, or feel the call for a Vision this Winter Solstice, I invite you to dance to reexamine your truth, clarify your vision, recommit to your most vibrant life, and believe in yourself enough to go after what you LOVE. 

Autumn's Surrender

I know that when I grasp for an experience to be a certain way or modify my surroundings in order to change an inner state, I almost certainly will suffer. Whether I disguise it as self improvement or dress it in spiritual clothes, the dynamic is the same: Every time I grasp, I constrict life flow. I deny (subtly or grossly) what is present. I lean away. I lean away from the place(s) where I can experience a deeper connection with Who I Am.