Open Floor

Exploring Emotional Intelligence

Whether in the dance or in our lives, can we come to understand that emotions are not a problem?  Can we come to learn that what is here - within our bodies - is good and trustworthy, even if it's uncomfortable? Can we stay present to what arises, be open to our feelings, and continue moving in order to resource ourselves - on the floor and in our lives - expanding our capacity to feel and fuel it all?

Autumn's Surrender

I know that when I grasp for an experience to be a certain way or modify my surroundings in order to change an inner state, I almost certainly will suffer. Whether I disguise it as self improvement or dress it in spiritual clothes, the dynamic is the same: Every time I grasp, I constrict life flow. I deny (subtly or grossly) what is present. I lean away. I lean away from the place(s) where I can experience a deeper connection with Who I Am.