Winter Solstice

The Call for a Vision - Part 2

Whether you're seeking greater clarity regarding life purpose and meaning, undergoing the transformative cycle of a major life transition, or feel the call for a Vision this Winter Solstice, I invite you to dance to reexamine your truth, clarify your vision, recommit to your most vibrant life, and believe in yourself enough to go after what you LOVE. 

Winter Solstice - The Birth of a New Year

Birth is rarely a pain free process. Creation nothing short of transformative. It tests my tolerance and trust more fiercely than any other experience. Nearly ((every single)) time I find myself on such an edge, I waver. Pause. Sometimes, even, try to turn back. And yet, every time I stay with the ache in my heart, every time I willingly enter, knowing the experience at hand is the very thing I need to experience to move forward.