Interdependence of Living Things

Image: Carrie Garcia

Image: Carrie Garcia

What is the relationship between independence and interdependence? Between freedom and responsibility? Every time the 4th of July rolls around, alongside pleasant lakeside gatherings with friends and family, my mind begins to wander toward the state of the world (both inner and outer) and how aligned or misaligned I feel in relationship to what is present.  Somedays hours can pass without inspiration, without movement. I sit, most often perplexed, confused, entangled.

The truth is, I rarely get ANYWHERE when I attempt to THINK my way through something. When I try to understand or fix or resolve with my mind alone. Most of the time this creates more tension. More restlessness. More separation. 

Through conscious dance I have (re)membered  that I am FAR more effective when I am anchored IN my body. When I trust my intuition. When I STAY in the dance that is presenting itself. It is through the movement that I access wisdom. Through my body that inspiration is felt and revealed. Regardless of the obstacle. Regardless of the question. I take it INTO my dance. I welcome it ALL. 

I welcome my sense of imbalance, frustration and grief. I feel the blatant inequality, broken social structures, and seeming corruption of the system. I turn to the disparity and discrimination held within and without, the places in my own body where separation and borders exist. I invite the textures and qualities. I listen to what is moving, aiming to stay with sensation rather than story. Receiving every message from my body as inherently wise and trustworthy. Receiving every step of my dance as an act of (re)membering, calling all parts home. Into wholeness. Into inclusion. Into the truth of INTERDEPENDENCE!

The fundamental underlying principle of EVERY living organism in the natural world is interdependence. Interrelatedness. Connection, not separation.

Every part of the web of life informs and influences the other - nothing, NO thing is cut off or separate. And we, as human organisms, are inherently and intrinsically part of this. Part of this web that relies and thrives when diversity is fostered.  When interactions between a variety of species are upheld. Regardless of country, border, race or religion...personal identity, belief, or value. 

I want ALL OF US to know this more and more deeply. Not with our minds, but with our bodies.

To feel it in our bones.
To breathe it into every cell.
To expand our hearts and minds toward that which is life serving. And yet...

We live in a world that encourages disembodiment. That supports distraction and medication as measures to cope with the challenges of life. The trouble is...when we lose touch with our bodies, we lose touch with the earth. When we disconnect from our humanity, we disconnect from one another. When we forget our common ground, we forget our shared life with all things on this beautiful earth. 

Movement is crucial to this awakening! It is essential to our well being and effectiveness as change makers. If I choose to advocate for freedom, love, and equality I must place myself there first! I must MOVE my way toward hope, enCOURAGEment, engagement with community. I must (re)member the WHOLEness of my being within every cell. Taking my place, step by step, dance by dance, within the interconnected, interrelated, interdependent web of all living things.

Will you join me? Love, Teresa