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Re-membering our Relations

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"You reclaim your power by loving what you were once taught to hate." - Bryant H. McGill

Over time, words central to our Being have been usurped, disconnecting us from Sources of Power: personal, communal, and transpersonal. In this Winter Series that bursts into Spring, we use Open Floor's elegant Human Hungers framework to re-claim and re-member our relational needs for Solitude, 1:1 Connection, Belonging to Community, and Connection to Spirit. Together we will build an evolutionary bonfire to burn away outgrown beliefs and rise Empowered from the ashes. 

JANUARY 20: Re-claiming Self.Love
FEBRUARY 17: Re-membering Sense.uality
MARCH 31: Re-membering Tribe
APRIL 21: Re-claiming God
MAY 26: Integration

SCHEDULE: Saturdays, 1-7pm

A core teaching of the Open Floor is staying resourced, tracking our limits, and being present. We support this by creating opportunities to move and explore, rest and integrate. Our schedule, therefore, will include approximately 3-4hr of movement + inquiry/sharing exercises + a break midway through.

*MAY 26th Integration will take place from 6-9pm at Tula Yoga & Wellness

At the core of the Open Floor philosophy is the understanding that we are in relationship...relationship isn't something we DO but that we ARE. Understanding this and learning to move gracefully with these deep relational hungers while embodying them in all levels of our Being can make life rich and more meaningful. 

Whether you've danced Open Floor or not...
Whether you're curious or unsure...
Dancing to explore or dive in deeply...
Just becoming aware of your stories or ready to re.write them altogether...

There is a space for you on the Open Floor!

In our time together, we will balance the structure of gently guided facilitation with the freedom of self-exploration, offering opportunities to learn and explore new ways of being in the body as well as ample time for integration. You may enjoy the Open Floor if:

*You seek a movement practice that offers time to listen, reflect, and connect with the innate rhythms of your own body, heart, mind and soul.
*You long to build relationship and express the Totality of Who You Are, including the difficult and/or disowned. 
*You want to turn your dance into an awareness practice - becoming more awake, resourced, and empowered to make choices in the present tense. 
*You find value in recognizing your blindspots, needs and habits, and are ready to dance toward new possibilities.

Your creative collaborators:

This unique Midwest-California co-creation, with my soul-friend Farshid Farrahi ~ a skilled Open Floor facilitator and integrative psychotherapist ~ is the birthing of a personal dream in collaboration. Although we will teach separately within our own communities, the creation of the offering - from start to finish - is truly collaborative. The theme lives close to our hearts as we bring to bear all the ways we grapple and make peace with our deepest longings. Each session stands powerfully alone, but traversing the full Arc is an even more transformative experience. I hope you will join us.

About Farshid: Farshid Farrahi, M.D. brings over a decade of experience with embodied mindfulness, insight into the psyche, and care of the Soul to the dance floor. He is delighted to share his passion for movement, Soul poetry, and music in a space where your Inner Teacher meets the dynamic Now.

Investment In Self: $85/session, $300/full series
*Just added!!! Final integration on May 26th from 6-9pm at Tula - $40

To Register

Please do not let financial hardship discourage you from attending! Rooted and Rising strives to make the dance accessible to as many bodies as possible! Therefore, 1 scholarship & 1 crew position is available to those whom are sincerely dedicated to learning and contributing to the community but unable to pay in full. If you would like to be considered please send your name, a brief summary of your situation and your interest to

Please Share the Message and build our community: I hold diversity to be of inherent value, and invite adults and youth (18 and over), of all races, ethnicities, physical abilities, spiritualities, sexual orientations, all along the gender spectrum, to build community with us. Too often I encounter folks who have been searching for this work and never knew it was happening here in Minnesota. I would greatly appreciate your support in extending this invitation to those you know or meet who may be interested or intrigued! 

Location: Off-Leash Art Box, 4200 East 54th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55417


Due to the nature of our work and our close proximity to others, we ask all participants to be cognizant of personal hygiene and avoid strong odors - synthetic and/or "natural". This includes body odor as well as perfume, hairspray, lotions, etc. that are strongly scented.