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Winter Solstice - Rest & Reflect with Conscious Movement & Sitting Meditation

Image: ItzaFineDay

Image: ItzaFineDay

It can be restorative to sit quietly in the darkness and drink in the mystery of the Great Unknown. The same is true for silence and stillness and aloneness. Now and again we need to retreat to an inner sanctuary - to dream big empty thoughts in the tranquil depths.

This is the time of year for that kind of rejuvenation - to contemplate and rest in the silence of the season - to connect with our inner light and wisdom. 

During this Winter Solstice retreat we will weave the power of conscious dance and sitting meditation to bring awareness to both our movement and our stillness - to settle our systems and quiet our minds - to listen with conscious intent - to ignite our inner flame. 

What participants are saying: 

The meditation-movement cycle was exactly what I needed to embody, release, expand, find joy, fortitude and ease within me. The work you do is sacred and so needed in this world, and within me!
— KN, Minneapolis
I’ve such sweet remembrance of the time we spent together. The space we shared was an indelible thing of bountiful, emotive beauty. Embracing silence and moving from those depths was potent and rich. Thank you Teresa for holding space of such quality for all of us to honor the depths of the dark and the shine of our dear hearts. Thank you to the community of beloveds that filled the space with breathing life. Salutations of gratitude for this gracious practice!
— AF, Minneapolis
My prayer is that we all awaken a bit more. May we celebrate the sacredness of every soul. May we see and love the parts of ourselves (and others) that are hidden in shadow, that are fearful, that are not yet aware. May we awaken each day in gratitude. May we be able to look at ourselves and say, ‘I am continually blessed, and I continually bless others.’ May we know more of the true meaning of our freedom of thought and action. May we create this world with clear intention and a loving heart. May we each recognize our profound capacity to learn, grow, love, and manifest. May we choose wisely.
— SJ, St Paul

All genders are encouraged to attend - all bodies, all abilities, all backgrounds. 

Slow down & let go. Rest & reflect. Set your intentions. Join us!

Schedule: December 17, Saturday 3:00pm - 9:00pm

Includes alternating movement with stillness, a Winter Solstice spiral to honor and celebrate the return of the light, and a community potluck dinner (bring a dish to pass). 

Investment: $75 ($60 before December 1, 2016) 

Please note: ALL proceeds from this event will be donated to the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council (  toward the purchase of much needed medical supplies and items that tend to the HEART & BODY of Standing Rock.

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Cancellation Policy: No refunds can be issued less than 7 days from the start of the event. Any fees paid, less $30, can be applied to a future program. 

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