A Body Centered Approach to Healing Racial Trauma

"All of us need to metabolize the trauma, work through it, and grow up out of it with our bodies, not just our thinking brains. Only in this way will we heal at last, both individually and collectively. That healing is the purpose of this book." - Resmaa Menakem


This is INTO-ME-SEE. This is something that we are wired to do....to feel what is, to let the feelings move through consciously, to allow our presence to bless each hurt, and to listen to our hearts in their response. This is the call of NOW. If we don't face and feel, nothing will change and we will fall off the cliff that we are creating with our eyes WIDE open. 

A New Year - A New Way

As 2018 begins in this winter season, I can feel the pull of two distinct directions. One aligns with the natural rhythms of the season. It beckons me to honor the pause...to slow down and move inward in order to receive the blessings of the earthly dark. The other guides me outward, walking single file toward a new year's resolution that demands I take action NOW!