Summer Solstice - Longing to Create

When I entered this Solstice of exquisite expansion, I prayed for courage of walk through the FIRE of this human experience and LOVE with clarity and stand in the FIRE of my SOUL and transform illusion into gold, fear into trust, desire into creation.  

I knew this was a big prayer. A prayer that would require me to call on all of my resources. To reconcile my humanity. To Breathe. To Move. To stay ROOTED in my body. To BE a human BE-ing, fully engaged and creating with the Wholeness of My Life. 

Whenever I enter the dance, the moving Spiral toward center, I recognize what my life is rooted in. I recognize healing, tenderness, beauty and love. I recognize the places where I am supported, enlivened, inspired...and...where I am not. In this Solstice dance, in particular, I also came closer to understanding and rooting into the POWER and POTENTIAL of my LONGING.

create wholeness human being power potential longing embodiment consciousness spirituality

For many years I viewed my longing as a curse, as something I needed to eradicate through disciplined yoga sequences, 108 mantras, prayer...every act a continuous willful letting go or long drawn out exhale in attempt to relinquish desire. And although these practices offered their own alchemy, the root of my intention to eradicate rather than integrate more often led to contraction and/or holding in my body. An obstruction of flow. Diminishment of creative capacity. Disempowerment rather than empowerment.

Gratefully, it was also at this point in my life when I (re)discovered the medicine of movement.

The more I danced and softened into my experience, into my body, the more I came to discover my own way, beginning with the realization that there was no "right way", only the profound and total act of SHOWING UP...of being with "what is", with awareness, while as Samantha Sweetwater would say, "Not being an ass-hole" (i.e.: letting go of thinking we are - or need to be - in charge)!
The more I danced and honored my experience, the more I came to befriend my longing, inviting and allowing both its intensity and force, pleasure and pain.

And...the more I continue to integrate this force into my dance, the more seamlessly I embody it in my life, welcoming it into all aspects of my living. 

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action...if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.”
— -Martha Graham

With time and continued practice I am beginning to understand the power of this longing - the potency of aligning with that which brings me ALIVE. As I release tendencies to want and/or need specific outcomes - as I surrender to something greater than myself - as I make space for my desires to be MET FULLY, I am able to align with the potential that exists within the magnitude and magnetism of this force. Because it IS magnetic. It IS a force to be reckoned with. is the greatest creative power I have known. 

The Act of Creation exists all around us, all of the time, whether we are conscious of it or not. Life LONGS to live through us. Life LONGS to create with us. Can we stand in the middle of our longing, in the middle of the creative fire, open and aware of the forces that motivate us, without needing to be in charge?  

Can we open fully to our desires and magnetically Draw.Life.IN - to LIVE LIFE FULLY, aligned with our love? 

Joseph Campbell would advise: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you". This, in itself, is an act of faith. An act of co-creation. An act of holding a vision while staying open to inspiration. I choose to dance this creative path. This empowering and life affirming path. And I invite you to join me - to join in our longing to uplift the vitality, life force, and creations of ALL beings. 

Abundant Love, Teresa