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Rooted & Rising - A Dancing Freedom Journey with Teresa Reid

Growth is often portrayed as an upward ascending movement, yet the journey of the descent - the movement to center - is essential to the Path of Embodied Awakening. As we dance deep in and with the Earth, we root ourselves to the nature of all things - we engage ALL of Life!

What people are saying?

"What a wonderful, amazing workshop! I feel confident and inspired by this healing and transformational space!" Claire - Wisconsin
"This feels like one of those fundamental shifts that has the potential to change everything as I live into it. A HUGE gift!" Emily - Minnesota
"I have a greater sense of my beauty and connectedness. I loved the guidance as well as how things moved so organically. I feel like I discovered my inner dancer!" Marileke - Minnesota
"Your loving presence as a safe container works for me on a deep level. I like your sense of ritual and reverence for all things. You make life sacred." Annette - Minnesota
"I now have a deep sense of my life's intention. Thank you for guiding so clearly & inviting me to dance into that throughout the weekend." Martha - Minnesota
"I leave with restoration, renewal, healing, strength, joy and gratitude." Alex - Minnesota
"This workshop opened me to greater intimacy with my body and connection to others" Lina - Minnesota
"I have more understanding of the way the elements move. Through this I discovered greater fluidity, heightened awareness and a renewed sense of community." Alecia - Minnesota
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